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Food & Beverage

Simplifying the complexities of managing multiple food services concepts - we've got you covered!




POS Corp provides flexible and feature-rich POS applications that support the unique operating requirements for different restaurant concepts. Each of the solution that we implement is modular, scalable and flexible. While the products consists of fully-integrated modules that link up to create a seamless end-to-end solution, each individual module is self-contained in its functionalities and can be configured to fit and support different concepts (for e.g., Pizza, QSR, Quick-Casual, Table Dining, Kiosk, Retail, etc.) within a single interface. You have a choice to implement them either on-premise, on cloud or a hybrid of different modes. Furthermore, the back-office management modules can also integrate with some of the world’s most popular ERP systems, such as Oracle, SAP, JDE, Dynamix AX, and so on. Our solution represents the highest level of innovation, quality and reliability at the lowest cost of ownership.


EverServ® PixelPoint is a robust POS software that sits on the Point-of-Sales station, offering support for different concepts such as QSR, TSR, Pizza, Delivery, etc.  It allows the restaurants to take reservations, assign tables, servers/cashiers to take orders, accept multiple payment types, managers to manage employees labor hours, as well as a better and more secured control of the cash collected during sales transactions, and the ability to provide products and sales related reports.


First developed for canteen businesses, TCPOS has evolve over 20 years to cover the needs of customers in multiple sectors within the hospitality and retail industries.  Today TCPOS is being used in restaurants (quick service & fine dining), corporate catering, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, universities, transportation and public administration all over Europe and in countries and region such as Australia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, India, Sweden and Asia respectively.  TCPOS’s internationalization process has actively contribute in adapting the TCPOS software to the local needs, ensuring a dialog on the same linguistic and cultural level with customers.

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