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Smarter, Friendlier, Simplified point of services solutions

ERP Solution

CubicleWork consists of a series of independent modules that link up to form a complete ERP suite.  Nevertheless any modules can be implemented independently to support your operations.  The key selling proposition is that CubicleWork is built on a “tailor-based-concept” framework that supports integrations.  While CubicleWork prides itself as a complete ERP suite, our code-base is equipped with hundreds of connectors and APIs should our customers wish to have the “best-of-breeds” architecture.

F&B Solution

PAR EverServ® PixelPoint® POS software is designed for use in any and all restaurant concepts from quick service to table service. PixelPoint is a flexible and customizable software that adapts to your business rather than forcing you to change your processes.

Retail Solution

The success of shops is based on direct contact with customers,  who can be demanding and expect quick, reliable service alongside  well-priced articles. TCPOS is a solution for all types of business because it secures fast and efficient processes enabling your customers to get a good impression of your business.

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