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From Table Service to Quick Server, PixelPoint adapts to your F&B business needs




EverServ® PixelPoint is a robust POS software that sits on the Point-of-Sales station, offering support for different concepts such as QSR, TSR, Pizza, Delivery, etc.  It allows the restaurants to take reservations, assign tables, servers/cashiers to take orders, accept multiple payment types, managers to manage employees labor hours, as well as a better and more secured control of the cash collected during sales transactions, and the ability to provide products and sales related reports.
The extensive set of configurable security and compliance features provides the flexibility that customers need to meet the ever-changing global payment, fiscal and labour compliance demands.  The new features enable companies to design a single complete POS solution for a concept or brand to meet compliance demands across multiple municipalities, states, provinces and countries.  There are also options to track and manage inventory and recipe usages, perform employee management, labor scheduling, price/menu management, generate Purchase Orders, and the (optional) capability to send sales information to a consolidated server for review and analysis.
PAR EverServ® PixelPoint is built on a commercial grade SQL database based on four core principles: adaptability, modularity, scalability, and usability. It is quick to configure, fast to implement and easy to use.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Extensive Ordering Options - PixelPoint provides extensive ordering features such as the Suggestive Selling Prompts which intelligently evaluates the current order on-the-fly and automatically prompts the cashier to upsell related or complementary products. It also supports the automatic recognition of combo meals when eligible products are being ordered, sale of rental items, multiple price levels (up to 10 different prices for each product), advance (future) orders, delivery order, scheduled discounts and highly versatile discounts and coupons options. Hand-held and web ordering are also possible with additional modules and subscriptions.


  • Multiple Service Modes – PixelPoint allows you to configure the POS stations for specific F&B concepts. By matching the user interface to the requirements of the individual store owners, the POS stations can be easily configured to fit different concepts and hence enable the persons operating the POS stations to operate faster and with fewer mistakes.


  • Intuitive Ordering Processes – Size-Up and Size-Down functions are available to enable the order-taker to swiftly change the size of the product (for e.g., Small Pizza to Large Pizza) while maintaining the core ingredients and condiments. This reduces the need to re-apply the corresponding ingredients and condiments if the customer decides to upsize the pizza after ordering. Automatic Members Ordering allows the restaurant to track previous orders of members and re-order them as required.


  • Enhanced Security – The system can be configured to prompt for cash pickup when it detects a breach of the preset cash limit inside the drawer. This helps ensure that there will not be too much cash inside the drawer. Individual cashier can also be assigned respective till to enhance accountability All Cancel/Void/Refund will be tracked according to date, time and name of the staff performing the functions.


  • Simplified Menu Management – Built to accommodate the most demanding of menu layouts, PixelPoint’s simplified menu designs make it easy to design unlimited menus for any F&B environment and is simple to add items on the fly.


  • Increased Speed of Service – PixelPoint’s intelligent order flow and intuitive screen layouts enable you to increase your average number of transactions per day.

  • Improved Order Accuracy & Decreased Finished Waste – Customer substitutions and order modifiers are handled accurately and quickly using customizable and intuitive screen layouts, which results in improved order accuracy, customer satisfactions and decreased finished waste.


  • Improved Sales with Digital Suggestive Selling – PixelPoint supports dual-screen hardware* with a customer display that is ideal for counter service. Using PixelPoint’s powerful Form Designer you can design your own order confirmation and customer-facing display screens to increase sales through cross-selling, up-selling and promotions.


  • Improved Decision Making­ – With PixelPoint business intelligence and analytics, operators can make decisions based on facts. Performance metrics are delivered in real-time to ensure that you have the information you need, when you need. Reports in different formats can also be scheduled to be emailed to specific addresses if required.


  • Labor Management – Keep your labor costs in check and increase employee performance by effectively managing your time and attendance information. PixelPoint allows you to modify role-based permissions, create multiple job positions, employee schedule and even forecasting staffing levels.


  • Advanced Manager Functionality – Provides managers the tools necessary to maximize employee performance and sales from many stations/terminals that include Auto End of Day Functions, Employee Announcements, Transfer All Checks, Alert Manager, Till Assignment, Employee Performance Ratings, Cash Management, Training Mode, Customizable Cashout Reports, Employee Contests, Report Viewer and over 250 standard reports.


  • 3rd Party Integration – In addition to the wide array of features and functionalities, PixelPoint easily integrates with more than 160 market leading technology products and services and is constantly adding more. Some of the integrations include Liquor Pouring Systems, Kitchen Display Systems, Biometrics, Property Management Software, Paging Systems, Caller ID, Ordering Confirmation, Bar Code Scanners, etc.


  • Table Management – Intuitive information to help increase table turns and improve customer flow include Table Section, Table Seating, Reservations and Bussing Commands, etc.


  • POS Screen Display – The menu is displayed on the ordering screen in English, and if necessary, appended with Chinese descriptions. Images of the products can also be scanned and shown on the screen if necessary. Products will be grouped under different categories for easy ordering and sales reporting.


  • Centralized Management & Control – This optional module provides the capability for centralized management and desktop reporting. Price changes, additions of new menu items and promotions, security and user-controls settings, discounts, coupons, and more, can be managed from a single end and apply to the individual POS stations. Any latest updates can be programmed in advanced and set to activate on any pre-determined date and time according to your choice. Price changes can also be configured to roll-back on specific date/time to cater for limited-time promotions.

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