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About Us

We simplify point of services, making them smarter and friendlier


We simplify point of services, making them smarter and friendlier




POS Corp was established with the mission of being the leader in creating innovative solutions for point-of-services.  It is now an international company currently with presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and China with its corporate head quarter based in Singapore.  Each of the five strategic market is led by a Country Director committed to serve our customers till the last mile.  Our strategic partners are present in key major regions such as the USA, Europe and the Middle East.  At POS Corp we visualize the need to rapidly strike the right balance between Industrialized and Business Optimized Solutions.  Gone are the days when IT was believed to be just a business enabler.   Our expertise with Mobile appsBig Data analytics and CXO's Dashboards, coupled with our relentless pursuit of “a better way” to do things, give live pulses to your businesses on a single click.


As long as there is an interaction between two entities, a service point is generated.  A payment being made is a service point.  A person checking out goods from a supermarket is a service point.  At POS Corp, we simplify points of services, making the processes and operations smarter and friendlier, thereby giving your business a competitive edge.  We are group of young professionals who believe we can transform the way points of services are being managed today and take them to the next level. We haven’t defined our limit because our value pushes us to believe that “sky has no limits


Every day, we look at what the industry needs and adopt existing technologies and come up with innovative products and solutions.  We are focused on application rather than research.  Our strength is in applying technologies with high TRL so that we are able to design innovative and useful solutions to solve existing problems, readily and professionally.


In POS Corp, there is no challenge too complicated.

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