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TCPOS adapts to your business




First developed for canteen businesses, TCPOS has evolve over 20 years to cover the needs of customers in multiple sectors within the hospitality and retail industries.  Today TCPOS is being used in restaurants (quick service & fine dining), corporate catering, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, universities, transportation and public administration all over Europe and in countries and region such as Australia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, India, Sweden and Asia respectively.  TCPOS’s internationalization process has actively contribute in adapting the TCPOS software to the local needs, ensuring a dialog on the same linguistic and cultural level with customers.

TCPOS’s main advantages are

  • It is hardware-independent and works with every type of device running Windows & Android

  • Cost effective solution since no IT department in each store is required due to its centralized architecture

  • Easy installation and quick implementation

  • In-house software development in Switzerland (developers are integrated in projects)

  • Multi-Language, Multi-Country, Multi-Currency solution

  • No Local server required because of central server architecture

  • Full functionality in Offline-Mode

  • Thanks to its own software structure TCPOS is a highly customizable solution through its plug-in logic

From configuration to transactions, all data resides on a centralized server, with which all locations communicate via the Internet.  Working in the cloud, you no longer need to purchase a server for each single branch, thus drastically reducing the purchase and maintenance costs.  In addition, installation and update times will be dramatically reduced, making these operations extremely simple and cost-effective.

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