To ensure that you get the best return on your investment, POS Corp provides a complete portfolio of services to support your technology needs before, during and after the deployment.


Deployment Services

We are committed to providing customers with an experience that is unparalleled in the industry. Our Deployment Services include a highly trained group of professionals who provide hardware and software installation services to new and existing customers and their POS systems. Our highly skilled team works diligently to plan and coordinate all aspects of your installation activity, including cabling and cabling permits, electrical work, and actual hardware installation to get your operation up and running with your new equipment smoothly and efficiently.

Project Management

POS Corp provides professional project management services to manage your technology rollout.  POS Corp utilizes ISO and Project Management Institute (PMI) methodologies, Six Sigma principles and field-tested best practices to plan, implement and manage complex technologies projects.  We make sure your solution is packaged, delivered and installed successfully and on time.

Professional Services

Maximize the success of your operations with POS Corp's Professional Services.  Our Professional Services Organization has the technical expertise and industry experience to provide the highest level of service and support throughout the solution design and implementation process.  Our specialists refine your new system to your unique business processes, removing that burden from your operation and IT staffs.

Managed Services

PAR EverServ® Remote Care is a managed service provided by PAR which provides remote monitoring, management and proactive resolutions of your information technology (IT) infrastructure such as POS terminals, manager workstations, and other network devices to help maintain and ensure a secure and reliable system with maximum uptime.

System Maintenance Services

Maximize your up-time and minimize business disruptions with POS Corp System Maintenance Services.  POS Corp’s field service team is composed of POS Corp-trained professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the prompt and quality service you deserved.  Our service team supports all POS Corp-implemented hardware and software.

Menu/Database Management

POS Corp offers services to maintain your menu and other databases, enabling you to spend more time managing your business.  In addition to maintaining menu items and pricings, POS Corp helps to manage data such as recipes, inventory items, discounts, coupons, job codes, security settings, etc.


Resolve your issues quickly from a single point of contact with the POS Corp Help Desk.  The POS Corp Help Desk consists of a team of highly-experienced and passionate professionals who are on call from 9AM – 10PM, 7 days a week including Public Holidays, to troubleshoot system issues to resolutions. We also provide an option to upgrade your Help Desk contract to 24x7x365

Field Services

For equipment that is critical to your operations, operators can count on POS Corp’s Field Service Professionals to fix equipment on-site to minimize downtime and operation disruption.  POS Corp’s Field Service Team is well-trained and technically competent to provide you with the prompt and quality service you deserved.

Advanced Exchange

The speedy and economical advance exchange option is a great choice for operators who can’t wait for next-day delivery of replacement equipment.  POS Corp will expedite a replacement part or terminal overnight so your equipment can be up and running the next day.

Depot Repair

Depot repair is a mail-in repair service where you only pay for repair services as and when you need them. Depot repair is best suited for customers who keep back-up equipment that can be used while they wait for the unit to be repaired and returned.

Account Management

For enterprise customers and key accounts, POS Corp assigns a dedicated Service Account Management (SAM) professional to be the single point of contact.  The SAM is your go-to resource for any support issues.

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