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The only open-sourced ERP vendor with complete end-to-end solutions



Cloud Ready

CubicleWork consists of a series of independent modules that link up to form a complete ERP suite.  Nevertheless any modules can be implemented independently to support your operations.  The key selling proposition is that CubicleWork is built on a “tailor-based-concept” framework that supports integrations.  While CubicleWork prides itself as a complete ERP suite, our code-base is equipped with hundreds of connectors and APIs should our customers wish to have the “best-of-breeds” architecture.
We have done more than hundreds of integrations with 3rd-party software (including existing ERP systems in the market) and created interfaces with major retailers, poultry farms and ancillary operations within a business.  Poultry integration is in fact one of our key competitive advantages as we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise in connecting feed mills and breeder farms all the way to the chicken processing plant, using our full suite of inter-connecting modules.

In today’s market, ERP and CRM are considered two distinct systems.  CubicleWork allows countless permutations of integrating an ERP system with a CRM system – the customer can either choose to go on a route of integrating an existing ERP system with a different CRM system, or vice-versa.  Alternatively CubicleWork can be tailored into a full-blown ERP suite that offers end-to-end solutions, including the state-of-the-art CRM system, which is organic to the product.

Whichever way you choose to go, CubicleWork ensures that you will always be using the most advanced system available in the market.

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